Showcasing your storefront is part of your advertising campaign to draw more foot traffic into your establishment. The type of storefront Ottawa glass you use in the street displays needs to be practical in terms of safety and energy efficiency and provide the best aesthetics and quality to reflect the ambiance of your store.

Here are some different types of glass available for display windows.

Traditional glass

Clear glass is traditional and very popular. It gives shoppers and passersby a clear view. The owner can highlight their products.

Coated or tinted glass

Tinted glass gives a bit of privacy but still enough transparency to entice shoppers. If your windows face east or west, you understand the amount of heat that can be generated and the potential destructiveness of the UV rays. It will act as an insulator for the interior of the store. It also provides some security to those who may be working late. Tints come in various shades, and you can opt for additional protective coatings.

Frosted glass

Frosted glass is very much like tinted but offers a very different vibe. It will be a bit brighter but also more private. It allows all the natural light without the harsh heat. It will still let the interior feel open but with some degree of privacy.

Safety glass

Safety glass is a general term that will incorporate any of the variants mentioned previously. It can withstand stronger winds, pressure and accidents that tend to break the glass. Terms included tempered, security, laminated, and wired. There are other advantages based on the type. For instance, laminated glass can have UV insulation. Some types of safety glass are designed to break into less dangerous pieces if broken.

Insulated Glass

Insulation in reference to glass includes dual-pane, gas-filled, and treated. Insulation helps the HVAC system operate more efficiently without changing the appearance of the glass plates.  

Need help finding the perfect Ottawa glass for your storefront?

Depending on your type of business and general merchandise, product or service, there are a number of reasonable and interesting choices when it comes to Ottawa glass. Contact one of our representatives to discuss what will work best in your situation.