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Quality Custom and Pre-configured Solutions for Your Shower Enclosures.


Mon. to Fri. 8–5 • Sat. 9–4 • Sun. Closed
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Quality Custom and Pre-configured Solutions for Your Shower Enclosures.

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Glass Shower Enclosures

Quality Custom and Pre-configured Solutions

Step into the world of Centennial, where your imagination meets our craftsmanship. With a strong emphasis on custom solutions, we offer an extensive range of design possibilities, ensuring your glass shower doors are as unique as your home. Our collaboration with Fleurco enhances this custom experience, providing semi-custom options that perfectly align with our commitment to individualized elegance and style. Our certified glass shower specialists, skilled in both fabrication and installation, bring these designs to life right in your home. At Centennial, collaboration is key. Our team of expert glass estimators, fabricators, and installers works hand-in-hand with your renovation team, ensuring your vision is realized with precision and elegance. Our commitment to quality is further highlighted by our partnership with CR Laurence, offering you signature hardware choices that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable. Complemented by a diverse selection of glass-mounted hardware, mirrors, glass shelving, and accent pieces, we ensure you have access to Ottawa’s finest range. Choosing a glass shower from Centennial means investing in a masterpiece of functionality and durability. Each product is a testament to superior materials and exceptional craftsmanship, promising you a shower experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Canada’s First Online Shower Design Tool

With more than 1000 shower installations each year, Centennial Glass has developed Canada’s first shower design tool to allow customers to pick their style, choose accessories, and organize information for fast and accurate quotations. Centennial provides expert support for all shower project configuration issues and will help you determine correct hardware options for any application.

Custom Glass Shower Doors vs. Kit Showers

Discover the difference a custom shower can make! Watch our short video comparing custom shower enclosures to kit showers, and see for yourself why custom is the way to go. Make an informed decision for your bathroom. Click to watch now and elevate your shower experience!

Why Choose Centennial Glass?

Transform your bathroom with Centennial Glass, where we combine the art of craftsmanship and innovation. Our custom shower enclosures have advanced glass treatment options, ensuring easy maintenance and lasting clarity. We stand by our work with a solid workmanship guarantee and warranties, giving you peace of mind in your investment. With a wide range of premium shower glass doors and hardware options, we tailor every aspect to your preference. And our reputation? Built on years of delivering excellence and customer satisfaction. Choose Centennial Glass for a custom shower experience that’s as reliable as it is beautiful.

Glass Treatment Options

Centennial offers several non-stick glass treatment options for superior protection against staining and etching from soap scum, hard water and lime scaling, which can also help reduce cleaning time by up to 90%.

Click on the links below or speak with one of Centennial’s knowledgeable glass shower experts to learn more.

Ottawa’s Only 2-Year Workmanship Guarantee

The industry-leading quality of our glass, hardware, and installation are second to none, making Centennial the only glass company in Ottawa offering a 2 year guarantee on all workmanship.

Each glass and hardware component undergoes strict inspection and our measurements for custom manufactured glass panels are guaranteed to fit the unique, exact measurements for each shower stall.

Full Spectrum of Glass, Hardware & Accessories

Use the menu on below and on the right to explore the full spectrum of glass types, shower hardware, and unique accessories offered by Centennial Glass.

19 Pro Tips for Designing Your Shower Enclosure

Ready to transform your shower enclosure into a stunning centrepiece of your home? Be sure to download our comprehensive guide, ‘19 Pro Tips for Designing Your Shower Enclosure‘. This expertly crafted guide is your key to unlocking a world of style, functionality, and elegance in your bathroom. Elevate your design journey with our professional tips and tricks – Download Today.

Call Centennial Glass today at 613-738-9500 for more information, use our innovative shower design tool, drop by our showroom at 855 Industrial Ave. or use the contact form to begin a discussion on glass shower enclosure options and solutions that will work best for your specific needs, timelines and budget.

Our Shower Glass Installations

Browse the images below of completed projects taken by our proud residential and commercial installers.