Mirrors can be used to decorate a home and work as good as a paintbrush if not better. Mirrors can be used all over the home and not only in the bathroom. However, mirrors should not be used as decoration on all surfaces of a room but should supplement your living spaces to provide depth and a feeling of openness.

Custom mirrors in Ottawa

Centennial Glass outlines the benefits of using custom mirrors as decorative pieces. They are:

  • Good for checking out your looks – Carefully select places to install mirrors such as entryways and use them for one of the most obvious reasons. You can always have one final look at the mirror before leaving your home. The mirrors can be added to all bedrooms which makes it easier for the household to dress and get ready.

  • Increase the perception of space in every room – You must have been into a room or even restaurant in Ottawa adorned with mirrors and felt like it was double its size. Mirrors decoration in a room will not only add the perception of space but will also add dimension.

  • Introduce natural light into a room – Strategically placing a mirror on the opposite side of the window will increase the amount of natural light. Light will bounce off the mirror and brighten the room and creating a warm ambiance. The same applies to rooms with candles and chandeliers where mirrors add to the charm and ambiance.

  • Acts as a focal point in the room – Mirrors and custom mirrors can act just like a piece of art in being the focal point in a room. A mirror can be positioned above the fireplace or dressers to add glamour and light to the room and act as the main attraction.

  • Mirrors in the bathroom provide an easy way to decorate the room – Put a mark in your bathroom by replacing the builder-grade mirror with a decorative mirror. The simple tweak can transform the bathroom and make it look modern and inspiring.

Want to improve your decoration with custom mirrors in Ottawa? Check how Centennial Glass can help you with that.