Commercial glass windows in Ottawa are markedly different from residential glass windows in structure and thickness. Each type of glass serves its distinct role and is employed according to commercial and residential requirements. Knowing the difference between these two types of glass can help you make the right choice while installing glass in your home. If you want to go for commercial glass for a residential setting, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. This post details the differences between commercial and residential glass for your ease. 

Commercial x Residential Windows

Glass Strength

Commercial windows are stronger compared to residential-grade windows. Commercial windows are used for condos and other high-rise buildings where high winds, hail, and rain batter them. The windows are larger, have greater structural integrity and must withstand high wind speeds. It is possibly the best glass option to withstand the harsh Ottawa winters. 

Residential glass has a smaller structural load capacity and lesser thickness and can’t be substituted for commercial applications. Residential property is generally smaller than three stories and protected by trees and other homes. The windows are smaller and aren’t exposed to high winds, which is why the residential glass has a lesser durability rating. 

Difference in Glazing 

Commercial buildings typically have more windows and are referred to as internal load-dominated buildings. It means that people, lights, and computers generate a huge amount of heat. Commercial glass is coated with special materials to deflect sunlight and reduce heat transference. This coating is known as glazing. Glazing keeps internal environments cool and comfortable without impeding natural illumination. 

Most homes rely on sunlight as the primary heating source, and if the glass in windows is thick, this results in less natural illumination and less warmth. Residential glass is less reflective and lighter in colour to allow in as much sunlight as possible. 

Frame Size and Weight

The frames for commercial glass are thicker, heavier and cost more to install. Specialized equipment is required to install commercial windows. Comparatively, residential window frames are lighter and easier to install.

Glass Options

Commercial glass is available in many different options, including glazing choices. Other commercial glass specifications present businesses with thousands of options. Residential glass in Ottawa is usually available in five or six options.


Commercial windows are usually custom-built, meaning they take significant time to design, craft, and fit. The windows are more expensive and require specialized equipment and a crane to hang. 

Residential windows are pre-crafted and easier to install. 

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