Most decorators will tell you that adding a mirror will make the space feel larger, especially in a small room, and most of us keep mirrors to our interior decorating. Ottawa Mirrors can also provide a fascinating effect when used outdoors. When properly placed, a mirror can cover unsightly objects while adding a good conversation effect. It can make small gardens appear larger and add more light to an otherwise overly shaded area.

How to use mirrors outdoors


Adding a mirror near a decorative item that you want to feature will do just that in the garden. It can also make the area appear more lush and full without adding more plants. Placing the mirror on the ground and surrounding it with small pebbles gives the appearance of a water feature.

Create a mosaic of mirrors on your privacy fence or place them on low-hanging branches. These small mirrors will move with the breeze and add dimension and interest.

Mirrors will reflect light. It won’t let you change a shade garden to full sun but can add extra indirect light so that you will have a greater choice of annuals to include in your bed.

Besides gazing balls, there are other mirrored balls or accessories that will make your garden spectacular.

In the entertaining area

Many people enjoy outdoor entertaining. A strategically placed mirror will reflect the fairy lights, candles, or fire pit in the twilight or evening hours, for a lovely ambiance you could not otherwise create.

Make the space look taller with vertical mirrors or reverses to make your area look longer. It will offer the appearance of mystery and magic to an ordinary meal.

Pay attention to safety

Safety is of prime importance whenever working with glass or mirrors, especially outdoors. Some people enjoy the look of the distress the elements will provide over time. If you prefer to keep it looking more original, keep it in a covered area or spray the frame with a protective, water-resistant coating or paint. Wildlife can unknowingly damage the mirror or themselves. Birds will quickly fly into it, or other critters attack it thinking it is an enemy.

Never place mirrors in direct sunlight. You want to prevent reflecting the direct sun into someone else’s vision or to the point that it can ignite some dry grass.

The best store to buy Ottawa mirrors

Mirrors can add charm and expand the area. You can use mirrors to enhance the look of a room or make a small area feel larger, including the outside of your home. There are many different types of mirrors to choose from, including framed and frameless, bevelled and non-bevelled which will add different characteristics to your outdoor decoration. For more ideas and information, contact our office.