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Insulated Glass (I.G.) Limited Warranty

Manufacturers warrants the insulated unit (s) on the referenced invoice against material obstruction of vision resulting from the accumulation of dust, moisture, or film on the internal glass surface caused by failure of the edge seal due to defects in the material or workmanship with the following exceptions: seal failure due to glass breakage, units that have not been installed in a workmanship manner and glazed in accordance with sigma suggested glazing instructions; units used or installed in high moisture environments, such as swimming pool enclosures, greenhouses, solar collectors and refrigeration units; units used or installed in high vibration environments such as motor vehicles, travel trailers, watercraft, aircraft or in airports; seal failure or breakage resulting from a film or coating applied to the exterior of the unit; units installed in sloped glazing and skylights; units which have been improperly handled; units installed with incompatible sealant materials.

This warranty is in lieu of all other express warranties, statements, or representations, and all warranties, statements, or representations made by any other person or firm are void. All implied warranties in connection with this sale, including the warranty or merchantability, shall be of the same duration as the warranty as to the suitability of these units (s) for any particular application.

If any breach of this warranty is reported to the manufacturer before the end of the ten (10) years, from the date of manufacture, the manufacturer, at its exclusive option, will either, (a) provide a replacement unit (b) refund to the customer 100% of the original selling price for such defective units.

If the manufacturer elects to supply a replacement unit, the warranty will extend for the balance of the original five or ten year period. All replacements shall be f.o.b. Of the factory, and the replacement labor cost is not covered under this warranty, only glass materials.

Centennial Glass Depot provides a one (1) year labor warranty on the workmanship and any replacement cost as described above.

Any damage to a deteriorated wood, vinyl, aluminum or steel window or door frame during the installation process due to old, aged, excessively caulked, rotted wood, brittle, bent or damaged materials of the existing frame is not the responsibility of Centennial Glass to replace or repair at no charge. Complete care and replacement techniques of skilled workmanship will be performed to its ability with the job conditions.

Most installations can have concealed conditions and unknown outcome of the window or door glass replacements. Obvious concerns will be noted at the time of the estimate or during the installation process.

Last Update: August 25, 2016