How old are the windows in your Ottawa home? Take a good look at them, especially considering opening or closing difficulties. If you sense some drafts or see cracks, you are losing money on energy expenses that can be put to better use. If you spot water damage, you can also expect insects to burrow their way in. All of these are signs that you should consider replacing your current windows with some that are more energy efficient.

Important things when replacing your Ottawa windows

Hire a professional

While there are tons of how-to videos available, replacing windows yourself is not something you should tackle on your own. Mistakes can be extremely costly. You can affect the integrity of the structure of your house. You should always turn to an expert who can advise the best choice in windows and perform the installation correctly.

Safety first.

Safety is a huge factor. Those floor-to-ceiling windows are wonderful unless you have small children who can crash into them unexpectedly. Another safety issue is to be sure the windows have security features to deter intrusions.

Choose right.

Windows come in many different types of glass options, including tempered, safety laminated, tints, insulated, floating, and more. The professional will know that laminated should be the choice for large windows since they are very strong and that insulated glass will reduce heat loss. There are many choices when it comes to privacy windows in the bath area.

Perfect frames.

Equally as important are the frames. They don’t just hold the window to the wall but improve energy use even further with the right selection. They come in wood, fibreglass, aluminum, composites and vinyl, and each has benefits and disadvantages.

Follow the code.

Safety codes are set at all levels, from local to federal. Only an expert can be sure you are in compliance.

Check the structure.

If you are replacing windows because they have begun to crack, you may also want to have your home checked for structural integrity.

Follow the budget.

Budgeting is a fact of life. Working with a reputable glass company, you can develop a plan to replace your windows one side at a time. This will ease the financial burden but not affect the architectural aesthetics or landscaping.  

Finding the right window company.

These are only a few of the suggestions and expertise you can expect from a professional glass and window supplier in your area. When you have decided to replace the windows in your home, be sure to find a reputable window company that will offer you a variety of services, a wide selection of windows, and a budget-friendly plan. You want to be sure that the company you choose provides quality products and services so that your home’s value will increase and that is why Centennial Glass is the right fit. We have years of experience in Ottawa window replacement, repair and installation. Contact us for a quote!