Windows not only serve as a functional way to allow light and fresh air into your home, they can also impact the aesthetic of your home. Dirty, streaky windows quickly become an eyesore, while sparkling, clean windows enhance your home’s appearance. Keeping your windows beautiful shouldn’t require a lot of time, money or harsh chemicals. Below you will find three simple DIY ways to clean your windows using items you probably already have around the house. The same techniques can be applied to glass doors or mirrors.

1. Vinegar

You may already know that vinegar is an affordable, natural way to clean many surfaces in your home and glass is no exception. White vinegar easily cuts through grease and grime and does not require rinsing, making it an easy choice for cleaning any window in your home. To create your own inexpensive glass cleaner using this method, simply mix together one part white vinegar with one part water in a spray bottle. If the smell of vinegar bothers you, add a splash of lemon juice to the mixture as well. For especially dirty mirrors or glass shower doors, you can also try using undiluted white vinegar.

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2. Dryer Sheets

Another environmentally-friendly window cleaning option is used dryer sheets. If you normally throw out your dryer sheets after each load of laundry, start saving them. There are many different uses for dryer sheets including cleaning your windows or other glass surfaces. Fabric softener sheets contain ingredients meant to soften water deposits which makes them great for removing streaks from your windows, glass shower doors or mirrors. The fibers in the dryer sheets also help to grab dirt but are soft enough to avoid scratches. For regular cleaning, simply wipe the used dryer sheet over the dirty glass. For more intense messes, try wetting the dryer sheet first, scrubbing the glass surface, and then rinsing afterwards.

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3. Coffee Filters

Many people use paper towels or a cloth to clean their windows, but if you’ve ever tried this you may have noticed it can leave behind streaks or even pieces of lint. While some microfiber cloths may be effective for cleaning glass, there are other more convenient and affordable options that work just as well. Coffee filters are a great tool to reach for when you need to shine up your windows or other glass surfaces. Since coffee filters are made to stand up to water, they won’t dissolve the way paper towels might and don’t leave behind any lint. Combine a coffee filter with the vinegar solution above for streak-free windows in a snap.

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Try any of these affordable, eco-friendly DIY cleaning methods to make the windows, doors and mirrors in your home shine!