Brick and mortar retail establishments are often looking for ways to make their area more attractive to shoppers and attract more buyers. One effective method is to rid your shop of wooden racks or shelves and replace them with tempered glass shelving. Our glass store can provide you with any type of glass you need for your retail store including custom glass in Ottawa.

What types of glass can I use?

Annealed and tempered glass are both available. Regular glass, when broken, breaks into sharp shards and is dangerous. Tempered glass breaks into smaller, round pieces that are less likely to injure someone. Tempered glass is also more durable than annealed.

Glass shelving will go with any store’s décor. They are neutral in colour and design.

The benefits of glass shelving in retail stores.


Simple yet elegant glass shelves will focus attention on the product you are displaying.


Easily available in any size and shape, glass shelves can create a unique display or go with a traditional arrangement. It can change a boring wall display into an eye-catching exhibit of products or information.

Space efficiency

Because you are using the vertical space in your establishment, that will leave much more room for customers to browse and still see a good amount of your product. Mounting the shelves on the wall also gives you even more space for display cases and other necessary pieces of your shop. You will have a leg up on your competitors when you use items like glass cubes in strategic areas of your store.


Easy to keep clean by using a soft cloth and glass cleaner, it will last forever.


Using glass shelves means the lighting in your store will be able to focus attention on the elements of your shop rather than the wood cabinets or shelves displaying the merchandise.


You can make the shelves work for you in all types of spaces and nooks and crannies that would otherwise be wasted space.

Using glass in your store.

Because of their versatility, glass shelves are making their way into the residential areas as well as commercial. Floating shelves in baths, living areas, bedrooms, and kitchens give your unexpected space elements that will leave your friends and family talking about your creativity. Just be extra cautious if you have small children in or around the spaces. Ask us about the shelving options in our store and what are our options of custom glass in Ottawa for your use.