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Single-Slider Windows

Welcome to Centennial Glass, your trusted partner for stylish, energy-efficient, and secure windows. Our high-quality single-slider windows combine functionality, durability, and aesthetics, ensuring your home remains comfortable and visually appealing for years.


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Single-Slider Windows

A single-slider window features two sashes, with one fixed and the other sliding horizontally. This design allows for easy operation and efficient ventilation, making single-slider windows an ideal choice for various rooms, including living areas, bedrooms, and kitchens.


Why Choose Single-Slider Windows?


Space-Efficient Design:

Single-slider windows open horizontally, making them perfect for areas where space is limited and a vertical opening is not ideal.


Improved Ventilation:

The sliding sash allows for adjustable ventilation, giving you control over the airflow in your home.


Energy Efficiency:

Our single-slider windows come with advanced glazing and tight seals, ensuring excellent insulation and helping to reduce energy costs by maintaining consistent indoor temperatures.


Ease of Maintenance:

With fewer moving parts, single-slider windows are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.


Sleek Appearance:

Single-slider windows offer a modern, streamlined look that complements a wide range of architectural styles, enhancing your home’s overall appearance.

Proudly Canadian

Centennial sells and installs windows in Ottawa from these top-quality Canadian manufacturers:

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Our Window Installation Process

At Centennial Glass in Ottawa, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service from start to finish. Our installation process is designed to be smooth and hassle-free:


  • Consultation: Our experts will assess your home’s needs and help you choose the perfect single-slider windows.
  • Measurement and Customization: We take precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Customize your windows to match your style preferences.
  • Professional Installation: Our experienced technicians will install your windows with precision, ensuring they are properly sealed and operate smoothly.
  • Final Inspection: We conduct a thorough inspection to guarantee your satisfaction and uphold the highest quality standards.