Gone are the days when your only choice for windows was a single glass double-hung. Energy efficiency has driven the manufacturers to create the best options for any window in your home. There are many options like multi-pane and coatings, glazings and other choices. Turn to your reliable dealer for Ottawa windows to make the best choice for your home or business.

Which Type of Glass Panes (and Glass Filling) is Best?

Most windows are made with at least two panes of glass and a spacer. That space is filled with air or inert gas. These are called insulated glass units (IGU). They can also be constructed as triple glazed or three panes of glass. Triple-glazed will be higher priced, but studies show that it will not significantly increase the price of your home at the time of resale. So, double-glazed will be a good choice unless you want it for your own comfort.

The spacer is critical. Metal spacers caused condensation and ice crystals. Now they are constructed from treated metal or structural foam, and a desiccant is included to absorb excess moisture.

It was discovered that simply including air in the spacer was less effective than the inert gases used today. The current choices are argon or krypton. Both of these are nontoxic, clear and odourless. Argon is less expensive, but the space it occupies will need to be about one-half inch in the spacer. Krypton requires less space and is typically used in triple-glazed windows. Krypton will require only three-eighths of an inch.

What about coatings?

Another option to consider is coatings. A low-emittance coating is a thin layer of metal applied to one side of the glass during manufacturing. It is nearly invisible but provides protection from the heat transfer through the glass. There are different ratings for the solar heat Low-E coatings. Depending on local climate and weather patterns, it can be high to allow more heat to enter the room popular in colder and longer winters and lower that block up to 75% of the sun’s heat, so they are better in warmer areas.

What about tempered glass?

The glass can also be tempered, also called safety glass. The manufacturing process includes the glass is heated and then rapidly cooled. It makes the glass significantly stronger. When it is broken, it will crumble into small, dull pieces. The untreated glass will break into dangerous shards.

Need help with glass for your new windows?

As you can tell, there are a number of things to consider when ordering a new window. The best place for answers is to speak with our windows experts who have experience with all types of homes and buildings and can provide the best advice. For windows in Ottawa, call us today! We can help you with all your windows needs, from installation to repair and replacement.