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Commercial Glass For Hospitals


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  Superior Glass Solutions for Hospitals

Centennial Glass is a trusted supplier and installer of high-quality commercial glass products in the Ottawa area. We understand the unique needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities and are committed to providing solutions that promote patient well-being, staff efficiency, and a healing environment.

Hospitals We Have Worked With


Our Commercial Glass Services

  • Extensive Product Portfolio: We offer a diverse selection of commercial glass products to meet the specific needs of your hospital, including:
    • Exterior Glass: Sleek facades, expansive atriums for increased natural light, energy-efficient glazing options, and security glazing for controlled access.
    • Interior Glass: Privacy partitions for patient rooms and staff areas, safety glass solutions for high-traffic areas, decorative glass features to create a calming atmosphere, and specialty options like switchable privacy glass for treatment rooms.
    • Code-Compliant Glass: We provide glass solutions that meet all relevant building codes and safety standards for healthcare facilities.
  • Collaborative Design & Expertise: Our dedicated team works closely with architects, designers, and hospital staff to understand your design vision and functional requirements. We can recommend or customize glass features that seamlessly integrate with your existing architecture and promote a positive healing environment.
  • Unparalleled Quality & Customization: We provide high-quality, durable glass solutions that are built to last in a demanding healthcare setting. We offer a wide range of customization options to achieve the perfect aesthetic and functionality for your hospital.

Benefits of Partnering with Centennial Glass

  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Our glass solutions can contribute to a brighter, more welcoming environment for patients and their families, promoting healing and well-being.
  • Improved Staff Efficiency: Privacy partitions in patient rooms, clear sightlines in corridors, and strategically placed glass features can enhance communication and efficiency for hospital staff.
  • Increased Safety & Security: We offer a variety of safety glass solutions to ensure the safety of patients, staff, and visitors, while also providing security features where needed.
  • Long-Term Support: We remain committed to your satisfaction even after project completion. Our team is available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Ready to Build Your Next Project?

Contact Centennial Glass today to discuss your hospital’s glass needs. We offer a free consultation to explore the best solutions for your project and budget.  Call us at 613-738-9500, fill out our contact form, or visit our Ottawa showroom and fabrication plant at 855 Industrial Ave. to see our extensive product selection. Let’s collaborate to create a brighter, healthier space for your patients and staff.