Small houses have a definite place, whether it is a starter home or later in life downsizing. While you are comfortable in the space, there is no denying that the rooms may feel as though they are closing in at points. There are several ways you can create the illusion of spaciousness without adding rooms using an Ottawa mirror and glass.

Here are some great ideas to make your home look bigger.

Go natural!

Natural light is your best friend. Larger windows and repositioning the lighting through blinds or pulling back sheers will help considerably. If you currently have smaller windows, you may want to consider working with a contractor and Ottawa glass company to change things.

Moving around.

If your home combines smaller rooms, consider changing out at least one into a movable glass wall. It is common in office spaces, but there is no reason you can’t do it at home too.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Mirrors reflect light. The larger the mirror, the more light you will add. Positioning your Ottawa mirror so that it reflects from a window will provide tons of visual space.  

Let it slide.

Glass sliding doors will trump wooden doors, even if they have some windows in them. If you need to replace your deck or patio door, think about adding another large window beside it to increase your view of the outdoors.

On the shelf.

Floating shelves are another option. The walls of your rooms offer a lot of possibilities. Not only will it increase the storage area, but it will make the room feel higher because the eye will travel upward. If you go with glass shelving, you won’t lose any aesthetics from your paint or wallpaper.

Let the sun in!

If you find you are not using your patio, porch or deck much, convert it to a sunroom or solarium. It increases living space and can be that extra tv room or home office.  

Making your home look bigger has never been easier.

Smaller homes don’t need to feel cramped. Just use a little creative thinking, and you are suddenly in a larger house than you thought. An Ottawa mirror that is well-positioned or an indoor glass wall might work wonders for your small space to look huge. For help with mirrors, Ottawa windows or any type of glass service, contact Centennial Glass!