No one wants to pay extra to heat or cool a home. Non-insulated windows and doors cause air leaks, making it harder to maintain a constant temperature in your home. Your thermostat has to work harder, driving up electricity bills. This is the primary reason why so many homeowners replace old doors and windows with energy-saving versions. Over time you will find new windows and doors in Ottawa are an investment that reaps benefits in energy costs over the years. If you are thinking about replacements, here are some things to consider.


Doors are the main point of entry inside a house and also one of the most energy-inefficient places. Air regularly enters through them, and ill-fitted doors can lead to air leaks, disturbing the temperature of your home. Here are a few energy-saving alternatives to traditional wooden doors you can employ while replacing your doors: 

Fibreglass doors

Fibreglass entry doors with a woodgrain finish are one of the best choices. They look like traditional wood doors but provide up to four times the energy efficiency. They will not warp, crack, bow or dent. They provide exceptional thermal and moisture protection, and some are available in triple-pane windows for even more insulation.

Energy-saving glass infills

Patio doors with single panes of glass are very poor insulators. More recent choices include those with fibreglass or metal frames as well as a plastic insulator between the inner and outer sections of the frame. You can also get a triple pane with low-conductivity gas (argon). Many glass panes come with UV protection.  

Swinging doors

If you have a choice, swinging doors offer better seals than sliding doors. If the design only allows a sliding door, one fixed panel is better than two sliding doors.

Storm doors

For more protection between you and the outdoors, add a storm door. It permits more versatility since you can leave the interior door open so that you can allow sunlight into your foyer. Choose one with a panel that will open to get a breath of fresh air through the house.


Ottawa Windows are also one of the paint points of air entry. Improperly insulated, single-paned windows with poor frames can drive up your energy bills. Read on to learn about energy-saving infills and frames that you can use while refurbishing your windows. 

Multi-paned glass

A window increases in efficiency with multiple panes of glass. If double or triple paned with Low-E coatings and a gas (argon or krypton) between the panes, you are getting even more benefit. 

Insulated frames

Frames made from fibreglass, vinyl and wood also help with insulation. One of the best bets for your money is vinyl window frames. They have a lot of styles and designs to choose from, so you can match the architectural style from the exterior and your design choices from the interior. Some frames come with additional insulation.

Installation of new doors and windows can be DIY but is best handled by a professional. A professional would be able to install your doors and windows snugly and make the frame and joints airtight to minimize air leaks. They can also handle measurements and custom installation, especially if the openings need adjustment or if there is a problem with balance. Contact us to get further information regarding our services and also to get the best professional quality service.