A perfect decorative mirror can transform both the look and feel of a room. The use of mirrors in the interior design of a home is relatively easy. All you need to execute your idea perfectly is a vision of how your mirrors should function in your home. Should it reflect light, enhance a room, or be a centrepiece? Anything is possible with mirrors, and cost-effective too. If you are an Ottawa homeowner looking for some tips on how to use mirrors in your home, this post will give you some clear ideas. 

Using Mirrors in Your Home Design

Enlarge your living space

Mirrors can visually enlarge a room. If you have a small living space and blank walls you wish to decorate, go for mirrors. Place your mirror on an empty wall to open up a small room. In small apartments that have smaller living rooms, placing mirrors on the wall across from a window will not only catch the light but doing so will also give the illusion of a large, well-lit space. Here is a tip; instead of going for a dresser, invest in a large wall mirror. 

Natural illumination

Windows are normally used to add light and depth to a room. If you do not have many windows in your home and wish to have more natural light, mirrors can help you with that. Large mirrors placed in front of a light source reflect the light into other corners of the room. Mirrors can also be placed lamps to add light in poorly lit corners and basements. 

Accentuate Hues 

Looking to add some accents to your home or bring your accentuated wall into focus? Use mirrors to direct the gaze to your statement wall. In addition, you can use unique mirrors called sun-catchers that refract the sun’s light into colours of the rainbow. 

Focal Points

It is not only the mirror that counts; the frame can be equally arresting as well. Bold and colourfully framed mirrors are used as the focal point in a room. The showcase mirror is positioned as the center of attention in a room just like an art piece or chandelier. 

When used as an art piece, mirrors are less expensive compared to high-end art pieces for your wall. A well-framed mirror can be your go to centerpiece if you are on a budget. 

Create a Dramatic Effect

Mirrors can uplift the entire mood of a room; large mirrors look stately and elegant, while small mirrors add a playful peek-a-boo effect. If you are looking for dramatic value, make a mirror wall with lots of small mirrors; you can easily thrift shop small mirrors. For a grander effect upon entrance, place a large mirror directly in your foyer to elevate not just the look but the idea of space in the area. 

Vintage Touches

Placing an 18th or 19th-century mirror in a room will give it an elegant and historical look. The mirror can have a rustic wood finish or baroque frame for a more vintage appeal. And if you are on a budget, a knockoff can do just as well, or you can score thrift shops for old dresser mirrors. You can be sure to find something that fits your vision. 

Hide Imperfections

Interior designers use mirrors to hide imperfections and spots from view. A carefully positioned mirror is used to hide wall scratches, wavy areas, blemishes, and foundation cracks. 

Create Secret Rooms

Windows can be added to a door to create hidden rooms. It’s just a mirror for other people, but it’s a door to a secret room for the homeowner. 

Display Objects and Enhance Architectural Features

Place a mirror behind an expensive and beautiful vase to create a reflective backdrop. The mirror will enhance the displayed item and make it pop. 

Additionally, mirrors can be used to showcase a specific architectural style or period. An art deco mirror can be styled in the Spanish and French Baroque style to match a home of similar architectural style.

Added Functionality

A large mirror added to a walk-in closet not only enlarges the space but also gives it a luxurious boutique-style look.  Decorative mirrors bring out varying effects to a room and explain their common use in interior design. A full-length mirror in a bathroom, closet or front door will add both style and function. 

Need help choosing your mirrors?

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