Custom Cut & Edged Glass

Any Type, Size or Style

With 55 years of experience, Centennial Glass is a recognized regional leader in glass cutting and replacement services.

Whether your job needs a circle, oval, square, or custom cut shape, our skilled technicians can have a glass or mirrors panel cut and ready to be installed in short order.

Custom Cut Mirror

CLICK HERE to learn more about Centennial’s mirror cutting and installation services.

Custom Fabricated Parts

CLICK HERE to learn more about how Centennial can help save your unique items by fabricating replacement components.

Fireplace Replacement Glass

CLICK HERE to learn more about our fireplace glass replacement service.

Glass Table Tops

CLICK HERE to learn more about using glass on its own or as an overlay to protect fine wood or marble surfaces.

Textured Cabinet Glass

Centennial stocks of 30 styles of textured glass specifically for cabinets, room partitions, table tops, and more. CLICK HERE to explore Centennial’s cabinet glass options.

Call Centennial Today

Call us at 613-738-9500, use our contact form, or drop by the showroom for a no obligation quote on a solution that will work best for your specific needs.





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