Windows play critical in the temperature regulation of your home. Faulty or outdated Ottawa windows may make your home colder bringing down indoor temperature. In general, we worry about heating costs and insulation, but we often overlook the role that windows play in maintaining the temperature in our homes. Not only that, the kind of glass you use in your windows can make a sharp difference in the temperature of your home. Coated glass windows can help keep coolness and warmth. Before changes in season, you should inspect your windows every fall to replace faulty windows that could be causing air leaks and cold temperatures. Given the way, the weather changes in Ottawa, checking your windows and replacing their glass and caulking should be on the list for every Ottawa homeowner.

How windows can keep your home warm. 

Low-E glass-coated windows 

Low-E glass coating on your windows will keep the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The specialty glazing is a transparent metal oxide coating designed to block out long-wave radiant heat and transmit short-wave solar energy. The glazing increases the insulating value of the glass.

In winter, the incoming short-wave energy will keep your home warm. After the heat comes into the house and is converted to a long-wave radiant that is blocked from escaping. During summer, direct sunlight will enter the house but long-wave heat bouncing off exterior surfaces is blocked off from entering keeping the home cool.

Insulated glass windows

Insulated glass windows stop heat from escaping. Insulated windows are sealed, double-glazed or triple-glazed, and panes are separated by noble gases such as argon. The combination of the panes and the gas in between help reduce the effects of conduction and convection. The wider the space between the panes increases the insulation properties of the window. 

Fixed window panes and hinged window panes

Air leaks from the windows can affect the temperature inside your home during winter. The most efficient windows are fixed windowpane and hinged windows just like awning windows that have a hinge and sash to tightly close by pressing against the frame. The sash has a lower air leakage rate than sliding or hung window type. The fixed windowpane doesn’t open and is airtight. 

Insulated window frames

The energy efficiency of Ottawa window frames differs significantly and determines how the home keeps warm. Metal and aluminum frames have poor insulating properties and require a plastic strip between the outer and inner frames for improved insulation. Vinyl and fibreglass frames have superior thermal resistance since they have a hollow cavity filled with insulation to prevent cold air from entering the house. 

Solar control glass options

Reflective glass, tinted glass, and solar control glass options are the most efficient. Reflective glass has a thin layer of metal oxide that reduces solar heat gain. Tinted glass has colour pigments that absorb solar energy to keep the home warm during winter. Solar control glass has a special coating that absorbs and reflects heat while filtering out light to create a balanced temperature and ambience in the home. 

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