Choosing windows for the bathroom of your Ottawa home can be difficult. You would, of course, like the room to be light and cheery as opposed to dark and dreary. However, privacy is of utmost importance. It can be tiresome to open and close curtains or blinds, and what if you forget? The good news is that you can actually have both bright, natural light and privacy with the right Ottawa windows for your bathroom. 

Do I need to replace the Ottawa windows in my bathroom?

First, let’s discuss why you might need to replace those windows. Bathrooms generate their own internal moisture from showers, baths, and even the morning shave. Combine that with external rain and snow, and you have a recipe for damaged seams that will allow insects to find their way indoors. In addition, you will develop air leaks, which are annoying and cost energy expenses. Then you need to be concerned about mould development. If your bathroom windows are old or showing signs of wear, it is time for a replacement.

Quality is key.

You may be tempted to shop for the least expensive versions. After all, it’s the bathroom, not the living room. However, you will be spending more in the long run since the cheaper versions will not last as long. Selecting an arrangement with the best seal possible will help keep your home comfortable and secure.

Privacy Glass

This is one of the best options. You get to enjoy all the benefits of the sun and yet keep yourself cloistered. They come in all the style options like double-hung, casement, awning, and architectural. They are created by a computer, and then an artisan takes over and hand paints the colours. It is the perfect combination of human and machine. You can leave the windows bare, so you shouldn’t need to worry about blinds or curtains, which can be easily damaged in the bath area.


Tinted windows are not just for privacy. They can reduce the number of UV emissions and heat that penetrate the room. They also reduce glare. That means if your window is directly opposite your mirror, you won’t need to dodge the glare. There are different colour options:

  • Gray is a great protector for interior textiles by limiting the amount of UV that comes into the room.
  • Bronze also provides UV protection while offering a warm glow.
  • Green will add brightness and light.


Frosted glass allows light but blocks anyone looking in from the outside. It will allow silhouettes. If you consider DIY with a spray, this is not a good long-term solution.

Contact Centennial Glass for Ottawa windows replacement

As you can see, window replacement is essential to the safety and privacy of one of your most vulnerable rooms. By investing in quality replacement windows, you have many options to achieve your own privacy while still having plenty of light. If you’re looking for Ottawa windows, contact Centennial Glass today!