About Kohltech Windows

At the heart of every home lies the essence of comfort, beauty, and security. Kohltech Windows, with its unique approach to design and functionality, stands as a beacon of this essence. When you choose Kohltech through Centennial Glass, you’re embracing more than just windows and doors—you’re welcoming an embodiment of possibilities.


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The Kohltech Advantage

  • Unique Customization: Kohltech understands that every homeowner has a vision, a distinct sense of aesthetics and functionality. Recognizing this, every Kohltech window is meticulously custom-crafted, ensuring it resonates with your distinct requirements, adding an unparalleled charm to your abode.

  • Exemplary Craftsmanship: Each series of Kohltech windows boasts exceptional craftsmanship, marrying energy efficiency with innovation. This commitment ensures that homeowners receive unmatched value without compromising design or utility.

  • Freedom of Choice: In the realm of windows and doors, one size seldom fits all. Kohltech’s extensive array of window styles, glass options, hardware, and colour palettes ensures homeowners can tailor their choices, bringing their unique visions to life.

  • Trailblazing Innovation: Kohltech’s dedication to innovation and relentless commitment to producing high-performance windows and entrance systems has cemented its position as an industry frontrunner in Canada and the US.

  • A Holistic Experience: From unmatched customer service to comprehensive warranty coverage and a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, Kohltech’s overarching goal is to transform houses into homes—cozy, secure, and breathtakingly beautiful.

A Word from the Helm

“For over four decades, the unwavering support from our employees, dealers, and cherished customers has propelled Kohltech to become a revered window and door brand in Canada and the Northeastern United States. Our commitment remains steadfast—to deliver unparalleled service, champion product innovation, and nurture a deep-rooted passion for crafting exquisite windows and entrance systems. Every member of our dynamic team plays a pivotal role in transforming your aspirations into reality, ensuring your house truly feels like home. Together, your vision and Kohltech’s dedication to excellence converge to craft an end product that stands out, truly and always.”

Carl Ballard, President

Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems

Centennial Glass: Your Trusted Partner

Centennial Glass proudly associates itself with the Kohltech brand, extending the promise of quality, beauty, and innovation to every homeowner. Together, we aim to redefine standards, ensuring every window and door meets and exceeds your expectations. Dive into the world of Kohltech with Centennial Glass and witness the transformation of your living space.

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