Patio Door

When the outdoor season kicks into high gear, nothing gets more wear and tear than your patio door.

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  • Multichamber profiles and multiple weatherstripping create greater thermal efficiency and help to eliminate most outside noise.
  • Lower sill design provides safer entry and exit.
  • Energy efficient glass standard, for added defense against extreme temperatures.
  • Multiple weatherstripping virtually eliminates air infiltration.
  • Solid Frame™ Technology provides sturdiness and squareness with its heavy-duty PVC cladding on a superior-quality white pine wood frame.
  • Exclusive sliding system with patented dual-tandem wheels for a smooth and quiet operation.
  • Double rigid walls stand up to impact when moving furniture or other heavy objects.
  • Ergonomically designed aluminum handle offers sleek performance.
  • Interior cladding optional.
  • Sturdy all-aluminum angle-legged tracks.
  • Garden panel option for a touch of elegance.


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