Mirrors are useful for much more than just checking your appearance before you leave the house. They can be used to reflect light and make any area of your home appear more spacious. If the only mirrors in your home are above the bathroom sink or next to your closet, keep reading to learn more about our favourite Pinterest-inspired ways to add more reflective surfaces to your decorating scheme.

Mirrored furniture is easy to incorporate into your home’s existing style. There’s no need to invest in a matching set as one or two pieces mixed with other textures and colours will look best. We recommend placing mirrored furniture on top of a statement rug or next to a brightly coloured wall as it will enhance its surroundings.

Our glass experts can help you build a custom mirrored piece, or add a mirrored finish to a piece of furniture you already have. Mirrored furniture is not only beautiful but can be functional. For example, cover the side of a wardrobe with a mirror to use while you try on clothing. Mirrors are more durable than most people think and are a great choice of material for furniture. If you are concerned about keeping mirrored furniture clean, consider choosing an antique finish which requires less maintenance as a blemished surface is part of its appeal.

If your floors are already filled with furniture, try adding more mirrors to your wall. Mirrors don’t need to be hung only in places where people may want to check their appearance. We love the look of mirrors used as art. Just like mirrored furniture, wall mirrors suit a huge variety of decor styles and not only dress up blank walls but visually expand any room by reflecting light.

We suggest hanging several smaller mirrors in an interesting pattern to create an accent wall in a dining room or living area. Large mirrors are a great solution for spaces that you wish had a window or cutout because they reflect light and create the illusion of space beyond the wall. You can also use plain mirrors in unexpected ways for a dramatic effect. Try tipping long rectangular mirrors that would usually be hung vertically onto their side, or attaching a variety of different mirrors onto the ceiling for a unique look.

Photo from our Pinterest board “Mirrors”.

For lots more ideas on how to use mirrors, please take a look at our Mirrors board on Pinterest. At Centennial Glass, our team is always ready to help you realize your vision for any project whether it be creating a custom mirror piece or making over a well-loved mirror you already own. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions or visit our showroom so that we can start working together to make your home more beautiful!