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Plexiglass Warranty and Disclaimer for Sneeze Guards.


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Plexiglass Warranty and Disclaimer for Sneeze Guards.

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Plexiglass Warranty and Disclaimer for Sneeze Guards

  • All Sales Orders must be Paid in Advance prior to Order pick up or Delivery.
  • All Sales Orders are Final. Once the Product leaves the store, there’s a No Refund Policy, unless the product is pre-inspected prior to leaving the store.
  • Centennial Glass is not responsible for inaccurate measurements provided to us by customer error.
  • All products are custom made to order, and we are unable to accept returns on this Product.
  • Centennial Glass only warranties installation on products that we install.

Follow the Installation Instructions provided, and ensure you follow the Cleaning Instructions provided as well.

Product Care
Plexiglass needs to be cared for properly in order to extend the lifetime of its use.

Because of current COVID-19 pandemic, excessive cleaning has been taking place, which naturally will breakdown the surface of this product.  It’s important to follow all cleaning instructions as provided.  Otherwise, the longevity of this product will minimize, as it’s only a temporary solution, and will not stand up to harsh treatment. For long-term solutions, that can handle intensive cleanings, and will last on a more permanent basis, we recommend using a permanent glass barrier.

Always use clean, new cloths or sponges to clean Plexiglass, like microfiber cloth. Used items can contain rough edges or other particles that can cause scratches to Plexiglas. Good alternatives to microfiber cloth are cheesecloth, terry cloth, jersey cloth, cotton flannel, or any other non-abrasive material.

Do not use abrasive, scouring compounds, window-cleaning fluids, gritty cloths, gasoline or other solvents that contain acetone, alcohol or carbon tetrachloride to clean any Plexiglass surface. Never rub dirt or other particles on the surface of your Plexiglas item with a dry cloth. A dry cloth rubs dirt into the surface and can scratch your Plexiglass.