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Centennial Glass offers window repair solutions for 99% of windows brands that have exceeded their warranty period, including Scheel Windows. 

We do not operate as dealers or installers of new Scheel Windows windows, and we do not handle the repair or sale of specialized Scheel Windows components. However, we are fully equipped to deliver comprehensive installation services for a new “replacement unit” complete with full warranties, ensuring the continued functionality of your existing windows if you require interior glass/thermopane replacement due to any form of failure.

For more than 55 years, Centennial Glass has stood as a trusted leader in delivering exceptional window installation replacement services in Ottawa, Ontario. Our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to quality have established the standard for glass, glazing, and window replacement in the region. We offer year-round window replacement and repair services, encompassing sealed unit replacement, thermopane replacement, window crank repair, window hardware replacement, and screen replacement, tailored to brands such as Scheel windows, especially when they are no longer covered by their warranties. Whether serving residential or commercial clients, our team ensures that each project exemplifies our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. When it comes to Ottawa’s glass industry, choose Centennial Glass & Window for unparalleled expertise.

Types of Window Replacement/Repair Services We Provide

New Glass, Thermopane or Sealed Unit Replacement

Broken windows are a frequent issue. Our process involves removing the expired, damaged, or failed glass, meticulously measuring the space, precisely matching your new sealed unit for replacement, expertly installing the unit with a secure seal, performing a thorough cleaning, and providing comprehensive warranties for both the replacement glass and our installation services.

Window Crank Replacement

The window crank plays a vital role in facilitating window movement, and if it malfunctions, your window may become difficult to open or close. You can visit our store to explore our range of universal hardware options and receive expert guidance from our customer service teams. Alternatively, simply send a photo of the item you need to replace, and we can arrange for this service to be performed by our professional installation teams, ensuring that your windows are in optimal working condition. Remember that the quality of your hardware is crucial to the proper functioning of your windows.

Foggy Window Replacement

We specialize in replacing foggy windows while ensuring that the panes are excellently insulated. Attempting to defog a window unit without releasing the argon gases between the panes is not a viable solution, and drilling holes into the glass is only a temporary fix. In such cases, what you need is a brand-new replacement unit, and defogging is a practice that we strongly discourage. At Centennial Glass, we seamlessly replace your existing window unit with a new sealed one, preserving the aesthetics of your current window frame. We back our service with full and comprehensive warranties, effectively extending the lifespan of your existing window frames for many more years to come.

Screen Replacement

Have torn, ripped, or damaged screens? Centennial Glass offers convenient walk-in services at our showroom and cut shop, where we can expertly replace the most damaged screens and present you with various options for screen types and screen bar choices. While we recommend bringing your existing screens to the shop for assessment, you can also use our online screen-builder web form to provide photos, measurements, and details, allowing us to determine the best service for your screen replacement. Rest assured, we can offer onsite services based on your specific replacement needs. Our customer service team can assist you with any questions, whether by phone, in person, or online.

About Scheel Windows

Since its founding in 1948, Scheel Windows has maintained a distinguished tradition of handcrafting windows from wood. Today, the company takes immense pride in its continued dedication to manufacturing windows using top-quality PVC extrusions, glazing, and hardware. Scheel Windows operates a locally owned and operated family business out of a spacious 16,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Arnprior. Even after seven decades in the industry, the company remains committed to providing personalized and friendly customer service, a value that has been central to its mission since its inception.


 Our Scheel window warranty has expired, and our glass units need replacing… Now what?

No need to worry. Homeowners in Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata, Orleans, Stittsville, and neighboring regions can confidently reach out to Centennial Glass for comprehensive window glass replacement solutions, backed by robust product and service warranties that extend the lifespan of your home’s windows. Centennial Glass and Window takes pride in serving the community, dedicated to optimizing your windows’ performance for years to come. As the experts in glass and window replacements, our commitment is to provide top-notch service to you and your home.

Call Centennial Anytime Day or Night

Contact Centennial anytime at 613-738-9500 to mobilize our fast-response emergency repair team.

Looking for New Windows & Doors? Look no further!

Whether you need a combination of new and replacement windows or one or more for your entire home, Centennial Glass and Window boasts an experienced team ready to guide you. Our experts can recommend a replacement plan tailored to your home’s needs, provide options aligned with your preferences and budget, and execute the necessary service work according to your financial requirements. Our team adopts a customer-centric, long-term approach, ensuring you have various choices without any sales pressure. We are more than happy to work at your pace, whether it’s one window at a time or according to your schedule.


Here are the window brands that Centennial repairs: